Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taxes, Taxes, Do you understand Taxes?

Taxes, taxes, taxes. The mear mention of taxes and the IRS in the same sentence is enough to send chills up the backs of many in this country. How is it that a single organization can inflict such fear? It because of their seemingly malice and unjust use of the laws against seemingly innocent Americans? Is it that fact that a single organization can ruin families by placing husbands and wives under such direst, they cannot see a future together. Is it their ability to bankrupt businesses? What is it then, is it the fact they are known to lack common sense and fair judgement, instead acting in the best interest of no one. Or is it simply we fear what we don't understand? I believe the fact is the law is so complex that normal Americans are unable to understand the laws which the are governed by.

Our tax system is equivalent to driving across country and having to know the speed limit and traffic laws that govern each state, county and city which you travel trough. Imagine not having the speed limit posted on the highway, county road or city street, each state is different, each county is different and each city is different. Imagine having to know and abide by all laws and regulations on your journey. Now image that before started your drive, you suffered amnesia and you forgot all of the basics rules of the road except, green light go, red light stop.

With the set up listed above you are destined fail and receive tickets, fine and possibly jail time before you reach your final destination. Our current system has to change and we have to become educated about taxation. Taxes are vital for our country to run, that's a plain and simple fact. What needs to change is enforcement and education.

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