Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Faith - Love and Taxes

What makes a person smile? What makes you smile? Think about that for but a mere moment. Did you feel it when you answered the question? Did you feel that small smile come from the depths of your inner being and that came ever so slowly through your mind and onto your face. If but for a mere moment, then where did it go?

With all that goes on in our lives it is easy to lock our smiles away. But what does that smile really represent? Once you determine that thing or idea that generates your smile, then you have determined what you are really locking away.

That begs that question begs that question are you locking away the right thing? Should we then arrest those things which we acknowledge steal our smiles? Maybe we should then choose to reverse course and lock those things away. If joy does not abound but only as a faint memory of cool and foggy autumn's morning, then what use is life in retrospect. But if pain and sorrow are transposed to joy in mind then who would miss such a moment clouded and veiled by time.

by Marcus C. Williams

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